Sprite Builder for cocos2d-x

Spritebuilder 1.1 lib is ready



Sprite Builder for Cocos2d-x sample
Spritebuilder 1.0.6

Source code:

or Zip File

Sprite Builder for Cocos2d-x sample

I hope it will help you to develop many interesting games

-Nguyen Thai Duong

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Jumpy snake

Jumpy snake

Try to control your snake to move as far as possible by tapping on the screen at a precise time so that the snake swims throughout the tough worlds. You need ingenuity, calm and good judgement to pass each world. However, you will be surely extremely excited as if you have performed miracles. The joyfullness/excitement will be multiplized when you share your result on facebook under the admiration and envy of friends. This is a useful game to train your agility, dexterity and judgement.

Android: Click here to see Jumpy Snake on Play Market

iOS: Click here to see Jumpy Snake on Apple Store

Jumpy SnakeJumpy Snake
-Duong Nguyen

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Jacos2D-X version 0.8.288

Hi bros Today, I’m very pleased to announce that the first version of Jacos2D-X is released.

Now, you can download  on github https://github.com/nguyenduong/jacos2d-x
or zip file https://github.com/nguyenduong/jacos2d-x/archive/master.zip

Jacos2D-X is a game engine is totally free and open source based on Cocos2D-X and JavaScript V8 platform. Jacos2D-X has the following features:

  • Integrate most of Cocos2D-X libraries
  • Support cross platform: Windows, iOS, Android
  • Integrate JavaScript V8, a powerful engine from Google
  • Support binary data
  • Allow to use CocosBuilder
  • Support remote game loading
  • Debug JavaScript easily
  • Consist of many interesting examples
  • Distribute under MIT open source license

With Jacos2D-X, you can develop your game by javascript and distribute it for many platform easily: Windows, iOS, Android. I hope Jacos2D-X will help you make your project with as fast as you need. Your suggestion and comments are very valuable to me to impreve Jacos2D-X.

Thanks you so much^^

This is some demo screenshots.

angryjas – like angry birds but it is very simple

Physic box

Particle system


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